Young Lawyers of the GCBA

The Young Lawyers Section aims to:

  • Establish a close relationship with Galveston County young lawyers
  • Provide educational and service programs encouraging the professional development of young lawyers
  • Provide guidance and leadership to young lawyers for the organization, development and creation of public service programs



  • Support young lawyers’ efforts in promoting justice and improving the quality of the legal system
  • Organize the young lawyer members of the Galveston County Bar Association so that they may cooperate for the betterment of the profession and for the advancement of the objectives and works of both organizations.

Eligible GCBA members are those under the age of 36 years as of June 1 of the current calendar year or GCBA members who have not practiced law in any jurisdiction for more than 60 months prior to June 1 of the current calendar year. Members may remain in the Section until they turn 36 years old or have been in the Section for five years.

There are currently no dues to belong to the Section. The young lawyers meet from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM on the last Thursday of each month, September through May. Elections are held at the last meeting in May by members in good standing.

The Section is led by elected officers including the President, President-Elect, and Immediate Past President.

To learn more about joining the Section, contact us here.

Galveston County Young Lawyers Section President: Megan Jones

Galveston County Young Lawyers Section President-Elect: Clay Heald